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Informations et procédures

What to do if a child in the class is positive?

    • The positive child is isolated at home.
    • The other children in the class continue to attend school if they do not have symptoms.
    • They must wear the mask everywhere (even sitting in their seats).
    • The use of the school bus is possible, but not recommended.
    • Attendance at the Dillendapp is not recommended. One of the parents can benefit from special leave. The maison relais still welcomes the children if the parents have no other possibilities. These children will be isolated from the other groups.
    • The class concerned does not go to gymnastics or swimming.
    • The class concerned goes either to a separate playground or to the same playground, but at a different time.
    • It is strongly recommended that you reduce social contact and do not participate in leisure activities until your child’s test result has been obtained.
    • You will receive an order for a test as soon as possible.
    • Your child can take the test at the earliest on the 6th day after the last contact with the positive child. The exact date is noted on the prescription.
    • There are two test procedures:
      • Mobile testing teams visit the school during school hours to test children and teachers in the classroom on the spot. This test is subject to parental consent. However, parents who do not want to take advantage of this offer can go with their child to a laboratory.
      • If the mobile testing teams are overloaded, the class concerned is still invited to do the test in a laboratory provided for this purpose.

We strongly recommend that you have your child tested for the safety of all of us! It would also be a good idea to inform the teachers of your child’s result.

What to do if a member of your household is positive?

      • Please inform your child’s teacher without delay.
      • If the child is still at school when you receive the message, call the school or the maison relais immediately.
      • You must collect your child as soon as possible.

      High-risk contact is defined as

      • contact of more than 15 minutes,
      • less than 2 metres away, without wearing a mask correctly,
      • having taken place within the time period from 48 hours before the first symptoms, respectively, of the date the test was taken if no symptoms.

As your child lives in the same household, such high-risk contact seems unavoidable.

  • A self-quarantine or quarantine applies to all people who have had high-risk contact with a positive person. So if one of the parents tests positive, the children are high-risk people!
  • High-risk people must stay at home for 7 days from the last contact with the infected person.
  • From the 6th day onwards, these people can be tested (by prescription) in a laboratory. If the test is negative, the quarantine is automatically terminated.
  • For 7 days after quarantine, these people must self-monitor and wear a mask when in contact with other people. If symptoms appear, they must immediately be retested and placed in isolation.

We count on your honesty and cooperation in this difficult situation. By providing the necessary information to the teachers, we will be able to offer the greatest possible security.

What to do if your child is positive?

  • Please call your child’s teacher immediately.
  • If the child is still at school when you receive the message, please call the school or the maison relais immediately.
  • The child will be isolated and you have to come and pick him/her up right away.
  • The child will be in isolation for a period of time (normally 10 days). The exact duration will be communicated to you by the Ministry of Health.
  • If your child is not too ill, he or she will continue to do homework which will be given to you by the teachers.
  • Also inform the people your child has been in contact with (sports associations, music school, friends, etc.).
  • Members of the household (parents, brothers, sisters,…) must also be quarantined for a period of 7 days.

A person (child or adult) who has COVID-19 symptoms and is taking a test should also self-isolate as a precautionary measure while waiting for the test result.


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